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A Eurozone Horror Show for Friday 13th, by Mike McNally. Economics catches up with Europe.

The Leaf-Blower Paradox and the Fundamental Fallacy of Obamanomics, by Zombie. Historians still argue whether FDR’s policies shortened or lengthened the Depression, but Obamanomics makes FDR’s busywork schemes look brilliant by comparison.

Disrupting the Obesity Narrative, by Michael Swartz. A book dares to challenge the conventional wisdom.

Reimagining Fairy Tales: Grimm, Once Upon A Time and Their Modern Spin On Fantasy, by Chris Queen. Two freshman series present unique modern twists on classic fairy tales.

The R-Word: Hollywood Throws It Around So Effortlessly, by Ed Driscoll. At least two of George Lucas’s Star Wars movies have been called racist by critics. Why is Lucas so eager throw around the R-word himself? (For another POV on Lucas’s new film, don’t miss Jehuda at the PJ Lifestyle blog.)