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Look Who Won Second Place in New Hampshire's Democratic Primary

No, sadly, Vermin Supreme did not enjoy a last-minute surge to challenge the president. He fell to The Only Man Who Can Save America. Democrats for Paul is jazzed.

From his strong anti-war message to his assessment of the obvious failure of the drug war, his fight for racial equality in the justice system [but not in his newsletters? -bp], his battle against inflation or his unique budget plan which fully funds Social Security,  Medicare, and Veterans’ benefits (without relying on the continuing willingness of China to buy US debt as the other candidates’ plans do) – Ron Paul’s platform delivers what many Democratic candidates only pay lip service to.

That “unique” budget plan is probably the phoniest plan proffered by any candidate including Obama; it guts defense to preserve entitlements, though defense isn’t driving the systemic debt problem and entitlements are. Paul claims he will cut spending by $1 trillion in year one, despite his record of doing pretty much nothing at all in Congress for decades.

But hey, records don’t matter. Vermin Supreme 2012!