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Don't base a vote for or against Romney on his Mormon Religion.

An opinion piece in the Washington Post authored by Ken Starr, formerly a special prosecutor and now the president of Baylor University, asked “Can I vote for a Mormon?” Were Mr. Starr a Mormon, the question might have to be rephrased: Can I not vote for a Mormon?

I am the Fourth Best President!

There are good and sufficient reasons, transcending his Mormon religion, to vote for or not to vote for Governor Romney. I consider him a RINO and should he become the Republican nominee, as seems increasingly likely, will vote for him because he seems a bit better than the alternative. Fortunately, since I vote via absentee ballot from Panamá, I will be able to vote for him while holding my nose in the privacy of my home.

Here is an article at my blog addressing the implications of Governor Romney’s religion and why it should not matter.