Michele Bachmann to Drop Out

Michele Bachmann has announced that she will give a press conference at 11 AM ET. She is dropping out of the race.

Bachmann’s campaign was, at best, erratic. A few months ago, she suddenly surged in the polls. Before we knew it, the congresswoman was considered “the anti-Romney candidate.” Right at the moment she surged, however, she began to make gaffe after gaffe. Voters and the media immediately understood that she was out of her league. This was not the American version of the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher.


Her performance in Iowa was nevertheless disappointing. Of all the active contenders she finished dead last (just before Jon Huntsman, who didn’t even campaign in Iowa). If she wants to continue her career in Congress, she’d better drop out. Every minute spent on the campaign trail after yesterday will only hurt her chances of playing an important role in the GOP in years coming.

As Bryan wrote immediately after the results were announced, she really has no rationale for staying in. She’d better go home, to Minnesota, and talk to her own voters back home, to ensure her another term in Congress.

In the meantime, since Rick Perry is also considering to quit, this could very well become a horse race between Mitt Romney… and Newt Gingrich. The latter will undoubtedly be thrilled with this news, because most of Bachmann’s supporters and those of Perry will undoubtedly side with him now.


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