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James Kirchick's Important Take-Down of Ron Paul: Spread it Wide and Far

In today’s extra opinion pages—I believe only on the New York Times web page—James Kirchick dissects and takes down Ron Paul, better than any other commentator has done. The man who is responsible for finding Paul’s newsletters in 2008, and updating his findings a few weeks ago, Kirchick now ties together his findings in a dazzling put-down of the would-be libertarian.


Here is one of his main findings and conclusions:

As Paul told The Times last week, he has no interest in dissuading the various extremists from backing his campaign, which is hardly surprising considering he’s spent three decades cultivating their support. Paul’s shady associations are hardly “bygone” and the “facts” of his dangerous conspiracy-mongering are very much “in evidence.” Paul has not just marinated in a stew of far-right paranoia; he is one of the chefs.

Paul will not be the Republican nominee.  But the gathering attention and momentum might lead Paul to believe he should run as a third-party candidate in 2012, either on the Libertarian Party or some other ticket. If Paul does that, his candidacy could throw the election to Barack Obama.

It is disgraceful enough that voters in a major party’s caucus would even consider the candidacy of Ron Paul. Kirchick shows us why, and his article should be widely distributed.

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