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Could Romney Be the Next Reagan?

Certainly Mitt Romney has the hair and the movie star looks, but more important is a new attitude of optimism a Romney presidential victory would usher in that should not be underestimated.


Small and large business owners alike would be breathing a sigh of relief once a businessman occupied the White House — someone who knows the stress of meeting a payroll and what it’s like to risk precious capital to expand, or invest in a new product or service for a greater reward, often years away (or maybe never).

As president, Romney would make business fashionable and profitable by injecting confidence into the marketplace, while stripping away all the unnecessary regulations and roadblocks that keep businesses large and small from starting, growing, and thriving.

Reagan made people feel good about business, about themselves, about American exceptionalism and maintaining our place at the center stage of the world.

Recently when I heard Romney speak at a gathering he reminded me of Reagan as he commanded the stage. He was likable, eloquent. and heartfelt in his explanation about the present state of America which he frames as the opportunity society vs. the entitlement society. Do Americans really have a choice but to go full throttle towards building a new opportunity society? Continuation of our present entitlement society will only hasten our decline as a top-tier nation with the ability to react to and/or shape world events.

With his background at the highest levels of business investment and then as a governor, Romney has the experience to direct and manage an enterprise that is currently a broken, unmanageable mess, and growing more broke by the day. That enterprise, known as the U.S. government, but more akin to a train wreck, is over $15 trillion in debt with $61.6 trillion of unfunded benefits for its aging population.


A serious course correction is needed.

Romney, more than any other Republican candidate, has the leadership potential and communication skills along with a steady, disciplined personal demeanor to make that course correction. He also has the capacity to be the leader of the free world, commanding respect from our allies and enemies alike.

Now if only the Republican base could realize this, they would come together, offer their support, and help deliver Romney to the White House with coattails strong enough to win the Senate and keep the House.

Then a President Romney could usher in an era that perhaps someday, 30 years from now, historians would call the Romney Revolution.  Maybe that future history would read something like this: A new conservative movement starting in 2013 won control of the White House and Congress. The movement brought optimism, stimulated business growth, promoted opportunity and spearheaded what was called the Great Expansion.  President Romney led this movement by rallying the private sector and lowering taxes, which resulted in more tax revenue filling the coffers of the U.S. Treasury and resuscitating a government that at the time was borrowing 41 cents out of every dollar it spent.

This rosy scenario could become reality because there is in fact billions in investment capital sitting on the sidelines with corporate CEOs just waiting to see who wins in 2012.

A Romney administration could provide the incentive to unleash those billions and, with it, millions of jobs could be created for the nation’s workers. This would serve as a sharp contrast to the former administration and a reminder that the business of America is business not government.


So Republicans need to stop whining, “If we only had another Reagan who could easily beat Obama like Reagan did Carter.”  But some forget that the Reagan of 1980 morphed into the Reagan we revere today,  just as Romney has the potential to morph into the Reagan conservative today’s conservatives are so desperately seeking.  And I believe he will, if elected.

Then a Romney Revolution will be our last chance to turn our ship of state around, securing our place as the greatest nation for good and the world’s leading economic engine.

“Let Reagan be Reagan” was a favorite line I recall from that era.  So now let Romney be Romney. Let him manage and lead the way.  Let him attract moderates and not repel them.  Let him rise above what in 2011 has been sometimes an embarrassing Republican reality show. Then, with the nomination secured, Mitt Romney will defeat President Obama and develop into that Reagansque leader Republicans are longing for and America needs.

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