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I Have a Dream

I wonder what would happen if the media treated the Republicans and Libertarians as well as they treated Democrats for one year? Some negative images against the right are very obvious but others are more subtle. For example, I was researching some information about marriage and how some were lasting longer. I ran into this paragraph at the Washington Post:

“The odds of getting divorced are much lower for educated and affluent Americans, the escapades of Schwarzenegger and John Ensign notwithstanding,” Wilcox said, referring to the former governor of California and the former senator from Nevada.

In this story by Carol Morello, she could have just as easily chosen quotes from someone who talked about the marital escapades of Democrats John Edwards or Bill Clinton but she didn’t.

Why not?

Some people may feel that examples like this are not important but the negative obvious and subtle hostility floating around in the culture against those on the right leads to results like this: Despite their sinking employment prospects and the negative direction of the country, “60% of millennials blame Obama’s opponents for his inability to get anything done.” Maybe if they stopped the blame and realized that Obama’s policies are not in their favor, their generation would do better. But it “feels good” to be popular, go along with the media and look cool by agreeing with the propaganda handed out in school, the media and their peers.

What would happen if the media made it “cool” to be a free market capitalist, discussed the virtues of F. A. Hayek or Milton Friedman, or even told those millenials that youth unemployment may possibly be a result of Obama’s failed policies. I know it will never happen but one can dream, can’t they?

How about just one year in which the right was treated with kid gloves the way the left is now as an experiment to see what would happen? Given all the negativity in the press against the right, it’s amazing they do as well as they do.

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