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Gingrich Wins Most Unlikely Pair of Endorsements Evah

One the one hand, Newt Gingrich welcomes the endorsement of Don Wildmon of the American Family Association, to burnish his social con credentials.

On the other hand, Gingrich probably would prefer not to dwell on the publicity he’s getting from, the website whose motto is “Life is short. Have an affair.”


It’s actually that’s getting free publicity out of giving Newt Gingrich publicity. One shocking billboard shortly before the first caucus + the Internet = free buzz. Mischief-making in the GOP primary is a bonus. Even if the website’s logic is twisted.

“Gingrich proves that marital fidelity has no bearing on someone’s ability to do a job,” Biderman continued. “Rather than judge him, Americans have finally embraced the reality that affairs are commonplace, and perhaps paradoxically, might be an indication of great leadership to come. He is not the first nor last politician who will step outside of their marriage.”

But for his personal life and similar political switcheroos, Gingrich might well have run away with the nomination after his sterling debate performances. No one has really been able to match him in the debates. But the billboard is wrong on policy about Gingrich being a “faithful Republican.” He’s had lapses there, too. His poll collapse over the past few days is evidence that the voters are judging him, as they should and are judging all the candidates in totality. That’s what the primaries are for, and we’ll get Iowa’s verdict on January 3. They may select Gingrich, but it won’t be because they’re not judging him or because they’re embracing his baggage. They may just consider it all secondary to the need to aim Gingrich’s intellectual firepower at Obama, come what may.


Junk like that billboard and this Funny or Die video (which earns a Die if you ask me) are part of what may come with nominating Gingrich. It all has to be factored in.

Not that we should expect logic from, of course.

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