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PJ Recommends: Best Books 2011

Thanks to Hans von Spakovsky who at PJ Tatler picks Injustice as this year’s must-gift book.  He is in good company as Sean Hannity and Thomas Sowell also named Injustice.

I’ll add two books published in 2011 – the first is Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World! by Andrew Breitbart.  Breitbart is a force for freedom without compare.  He is the George Patton of the conservative movement.  He brought down Congressman Anthony Weiner when the dead mainstream media was still defending the rouge and some Republicans felt uncomfortable with the whole fight.  Then a Republican won his seat for the first time in about 80 years proving the payoff to his tactics.  Breitbart is rewriting the rules of political combat and this book is a guide for conservative warriors in the modern internet age.

Ben Shapiro’s Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV also makes my list. Shapiro traces the strangulation that the Hollywood left has inflicted on the culture through television.  In just a few years, CBS went from Gomer Pyle to Maude having an abortion, from Mr. Haney in Green Acres to Meathead.  Shapiro debunks the myth of the desirability of the 18-49 age demographic and the role this focus has played in shifting the culture away from rural to urban values.  The best part of the book is how the Hollywood left opened up to Shapiro, thinking he was a fellow traveler.  They confess their agenda to him.  And his sweep is vast: Friends, St. Elsewhere, Family Guy, Bewitched, East Side West Side, Your Show of Shows, Room 222 and the Mod Squad, just to name a few.