Tonight's Debate: Showdown in Sioux City

Tonight. 9 pm Eastern on Fox. Six men and one woman enter the Sioux City Convention Center and…six men and one woman leave.

But tonight’s debate could change the race. Will Mitt Romney emerge unloved but inevitable again? Will Newt Gingrich cement his place as a serious front-runner? Will Ron Paul call for an audit of the fed? Is it really Rick Perry’s last stand? Will Michele Bachmann make a play for Herman Cain’s supporters? Will Huntsman and/or Santorum finally catch fire?


I don’t think we’ll be in “last stand” territory until about March, or at least January 21 with the South Carolina primary, but we’ll see. There’s no question that tonight’s debate, as probably the last before the Iowa caucuses, is a huge moment that may decide who captures the nomination.

I’ll be here lurking around the place and on twitter, and Stephen Green will be drunkblogging. I’ll have a wrap-up afterwards, look for it here at the Tatler.


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