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Holder Misleads Congress on Hires

At his hearing yesterday before the House Judiciary Committee, Attorney General Eric Holder was asked whether the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division engaged in “political hiring in violation of the law.”  The questioner was Rep. Bobby Scott, a Virginia Democrat.

Holder answered by claiming that he was not hiring “people on the basis of political or ideological affiliations.”  That answer is untrue, something that the Washington Times pointed out after his testimony.

Kerry Picket, who writes the WT’s Water Cooler blog, pointed to PJ Media’s “Every Single One” series.  That series shows that Holder’s Civil Rights Division hires “have only been explicitly from the activist ideological Left.”  As Picket concludes, for “Mr. Holder to say that this DOJ he leads does not use a political litmus test for their hires is laughable to say the least if not completely false.”