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Romney Surrogates Step Up Attacks Against Newt

The Romney Team, clearly worried about Newt’s surge in the polls, has decided to step up it’s attacks against the former Speaker.

Chris Christie (Romney supporter): “When you look at candidates say, ‘Is this the kind of person who’s always going to make me proud in the Oval Office and never have to worry will embarrass America? That I’ll never have to worry will do something that will just make me ashamed?’ [Romney] just won’t.”

Former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu (Romney supporter): “The off-the-cuff comment, for example, that Gingrich throws out on occasion is a reflection on the off-the-cuff thinking that he goes through to deal with issues…That is not what you want in a commander in chief.”

Former Senator Jim Talent of Missouri (Romney supporter): “He is not a reliable or trustworthy leader…He also says outrageous things that come out of nowhere, and come at a time when they most undermine the conservative agenda….This election is going to be about him, and that’s exactly what the Democrats want.”

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