Why Government Administered Fairness Beats the Market

Michelle Obama’s Mirror fisks Obama’s speech in Kansas yesterday and shows why the government is better at determining and managing the allocation of property than the market:


So anyhoo, our new fairness doctrine will be administered by the government, just like all the other important aspects of your life like light bulb usage and toilet flush volumes.

After all, we’ve already demonstrated that government officials have a better affinity for running things than the private sector. Everything from Homeland Security (where they came up with the idea of fighting terrorism with Snow Cone machines) to car companies (where they created a car that runs 35 miles before exploding) to bankrupt mortgage banks (where they sent everyone to a conference to learn how to give away even more money). In Fannie and Freddie’s defense however, they spent all that money to “hold crucial meetings with hundreds of customers to discuss ways to address the housing crisis.[ed. that they created in the first place]”

Someone should really tell those guys about the internet (H/T: Algore). I understand you can even hold meetings online now! Extraordinary. Too bad though that, like ATMs, it put so many people out of work.


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