Pearl Harbor Day menu at Sasha and Malia's school: Teriyaki chicken and edamame

This is either tone-deafness taken to extremes, or a hideous coincidence, but the pricey private school attended by President Obama’s daughters served Japanese food to its middle school students today, December 7 – a day that apparently no longer lives in infamy amongst the progressive elite.


As reported by WUSA,

What are President Obama’s kids eating at school on Pearl Harbor day? Japanese food, of course!

Sidwell Friends School’s website shows the menu for Wednesday December 7th, 2011, the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day, as an Asian food day.

Took me a while to track down the actual menu, but I found the hidden pdf on the Sidwell site listing the lunch selections for each day. Each day has a different ethnic theme, and by sheer “coincidence” December 7 features both Japanese and Chinese food options, including “Teriyaki Marianted [sic] Chicken Strips” and “Garlic Roasted Edamame” (edamame are Japanese soybeans, for you non-foodies out there) as well as the ethnically unspecified but potentially Japanese “Asian Mushroom Soup” and “Oriental Noodle Salad”:

Obama’s daughters are of course completely blameless in this, as is President Obama himself; rather, it’s a reflection of either the cluelessness or the conscious expungement from the progressive mind of any historical fact which might stir feelings of patriotism.

At $32,960/year tuition, I’d expect a little more historical awareness.


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