Gunwalker Scandal Gets Far Worse for DOJ

There is a must read story headlining PJ Media today from James Stinebower.  It concludes that the Gunwalker scandal is far worse than anybody has yet reported because it appears that the Kingpin Act was violated, among other laws.  There are criminal penalties under these laws.  Worse for the administration, the cancer of the scandal is now spreading to the Treasury Department:


A violation of any of the IEEPA sanctioning programs or the Kingpin Act carries stiff penalties, both criminal and civil, and potentially totaling decades in prison and tens of millions of dollars in fines. It is not necessary that an individual or governmental entity be shown to have “knowingly” violated any of these programs: it is illegal for any U.S. entity or individual to aid, abet, or materially assist — or in the case of Operation Fast and Furious, to facilitate others to aid, abet, or materially assist — designated drug traffickers. There are no exceptions within IEEPA programs for unlicensed U.S. law enforcement or intelligence agency operations.

As far as I can tell, PJ Media is the very first outlet to report on Fast and Furious as possible violations of the Kingpin Act and the International Emergency Economic Powers Act.  Happy to stand corrected, but we can be sure the New York Times won’t be the outlet to put me there.


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