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Video Dump: Cain Gets the Bad Lip-Read, Taiwan Animates AA Bankruptcy, and Quite Possibly the Most Embarassing Ad of the Campaign (So Far)

Herman Cain gets his turn in the sights of the bad lip readers. “Cowboys and anthrax” would make a great name for a punk band.

News hasn’t really happened until the Taiwanese animators get ahold of it. Here, they animate the bankruptcy of American Airlines.

I can’t even describe this, except to straightforwardly note that Jon Hunstman’s daughters sing about Mitt Romney and abortion, call the GOP field a “circus” and they could benefit from some autotune. To the tune of “Sexy Back,” for some reason.

Non-political palate cleanser: For football fans, is this the perfect woman?

The Zone Blitz from claire coffee on Vimeo.