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Obama Disturbed by the 'Storming of the English Embassy'


There is no “English” embassy in Iran, hasn’t been for a very long time.

A gaffe’s a gaffe, and this statement by the President of the United States regarding Iran’s actions manages to dodge the main facts, but I’m a little less interested in what Obama said than in how the MSM deals with it. Header over to the AP’s page for this video on YouTube. They have “U.K.” in the video title and even helpfully reworked Obama’s statement for him.

Declaring himself ‘deeply disturbed’ by the storming of the British Embassy in Tehran, President Barack Obama strongly urged the Iranian government to hold those responsible to account. (Nov. 29)

Hey Airbrush Press, Obama didn’t say “British Embassy.” He said “English Embassy.” Perhaps there’s one of those in all 58 states? Make amends, Mr. President, and send them all an iPod.