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DOJ Refuses to Fight Clear Racial Discrimination

Yesterday I posted at National Review a story about the racially discriminatory plebiscite election in Guam that excludes all whites from participation. Christian Adams also covered the same event at his Rule of Law blog at PJ Media. I reported that the Obama Justice Department declined to stop this patently illegal election procedure.

Any election practice which has the intent or result of racial discrimination is illegal. A law which limits participation in an election to “Native Inhabitants” on Guam has more than the statistical result of excluding people based on race, which alone is enough to violate Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act.

Christian Adams and the Center for Individual Rights sued Guam this week to stop the practice.

Amazingly, the advocates for the racial discrimination, particularly Guam Sen. Ben Pangelinan, the local version of George Wallace, actually thinks because Eric Holder didn’t do anything to help the white victims on Guam, it helps defeat the lawsuit. He equates inaction by DOJ with the discrimination claims having no merit and has actually called on the U.S. Attorney to defend against the lawsuit.

Of course anyone who reads PJ Media knows exactly why Holder didn’t act. It has nothing to do with the merits of the lawsuit. I reported it yesterday: the Voting Section refuses to protect white victims of racial discrimination in voting. Justice Department sources have told me that Deputy Assistant Attorney General Loretta King refused to act in this otherwise valid case because the victims were white.

If Sen. Pangelian wants to turn over these rocks, he’s going to find a surprise, a racially rotted surprise the Holder Justice Department doesn’t want exposed.