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Newt to OWS: "Get a Job Right After You Take a Bath"

Another great soundbite from Newt Gingrich at the Presidential Forum in Iowa today, moderated by Frank Luntz.

In other news, the Gingrich campaign has launched a webpage on titled Answering The Attacks to ease the concern some primary voters have about Newt’s conservative bona fides. The page addresses Newt’s views on Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan, a health insurance mandate, cap and trade, immigration and other topics some conservatives accuse him of flip flopping on.

On Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan:

Newt agrees wholeheartedly with Rep. Ryan that we must give our seniors more choices than the current one-size-fits-all Medicare model. Both concur that creating the opportunity for seniors to buy private insurance is the key to both improving care and lowering costs.

The one key difference is that under Newt’s plan, as outlined in his 21st Century Contract with America, seniors will also have the choice to stay in the current Medicare system or choose a private insurance plan with support from the government to pay the premiums.  The other difference is that Newt believes that seniors should have this option starting next year, not in ten years.