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Pelosi Threatens to 'Do to Child Care What We Did for Health-Care'

What, force people who don’t have children to pay for child care through an unconstitutional mandate? Use backroom deals, purely partisan votes and smear tactics to get the bill, which no one will have the opportunity to read before voting, through? Is that the plan, Nan?

Last week, the California congresswoman hit five cities in five days, barnstorming for money to try to win the 25 more seats it would take to regain control. And if that happens — or when, according to her — at the top of her to-do list, she says, will be “doing for child care what we did for health-care reform” — pushing comprehensive change.

Just a friendly reminder: Pelosi is a very determined menace and the gavel must be kept out of her hands.

There are always policy reasons that make her worth marginalizing, but that child care quote reveals something else. It reveals that she has learned absolutely nothing from the ObamaCare debacle.

Set the policy aside for a moment. On tactics alone, ObamaCare has been a disaster for the country and for the Democrats. It is one of the most divisive policies of the past several decades. It was passed in a way that has helped discredit it as national policy while ensuring that the rage against its passage doesn’t dissipate with time. ObamaCare’s passage contributed to the rise of the Tea Party and to the GOP increasing strength at the state level. On appearances alone it was a corrupt power grab. It helped break the Democratic super majority in the Senate and their majority in the House. It contributed to breaking Pelosi’s speakership and weakened the president. And the Supreme Court will rule on it just in time for it to be a central issue in next year’s elections.

Yet Pelosi evidently thinks that it’s sound politics to promote a child care initiative as being similar to ObamaCare? “Tone deaf” doesn’t even begin to describe Nancy Pelosi.