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Maxine Waters Shrugs Off Occupy Violence: 'That's Life. It Happens.'

And it’s just a “distraction” anyway.

When asked to comment Wednesday about the deaths and crimes that have occurred around Occupy protests being held across the country, Rep. Maxine Waters said “that’s life and it happens.”

“That’s a distraction from the goals of the protesters,” Waters, who says she supports the Occupy movement, told after an event at the Capitol sponsored by the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

The next obvious question to ask: So, what are those goals that soar above the petty need to avoid rape and buckets of human waste on our city streets? What Occupy goal justifies the descent into anarchy that they’re leading? Not that Waters will answer. Their hearts are in the right place, or something.

At any rate, Waters had a much less sanguine opinion of the Tea Party. Despite the total lack of violent crimes, terroristic threats, and spread of diseases that the West thought we had defeated decades ago only to have them return to occupy our city parks, back in August Waters told the Tea Party to “Go straight to Hell.”

If we had a fair mainstream press, they might put these two quote together and ask Waters about them.

h/t Hot Air