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Newt Gingrich Addresses His Personal and Political Past on Hannity

Last night Newt Gingrich was on Sean Hannity’s Fox News Show. It was the most comprehensive interview I have seen thus far of Newt addressing what many see as a checkered past, personally and politically (in the eye of conservatives).

In the video Newt discusses the veracity of the charges that he divorced his former wife while she was on her death bed, the infamous ad with Nancy Pelosi, his support of parts of The Dream Act, and the recent Freddie Mac lobbying controversy.

The interview is worth watching if you have not seen it yet, and you can watch it here. Of course, Newt is going to have to answer these same questions, and more, from an unbiased interviewer who is more willing to challenge his answers.

Here is another video you should watch if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s Herman Cain struggling to answer a simple question about his views on Libya. With Cain’s popularity decreasing due to the sexual assault allegations and his shallow understanding of world affairs, it is likely that Newt will gain even more in the polls, as many of Cain’s supporters have a high favorability rating of Newt.