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Newt Replaces Cain as #2

A new CNN/ORC International poll is aligning with previous poll results shows Newt rising and Cain falling:

A new national survey of Republicans indicates that it’s basically all tied up between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich in the race for the GOP presidential nomination, with Gingrich on the rise and businessman Herman Cain falling due to the sexual harassment allegations he’s been facing the past two weeks.

The internals on the poll show bigger problems for Cain than the loss of momentum.  Four in ten Republicans “tend to believe” the women making the charges against Cain.  Only a bare majority of Republicans tend to beleive Cain’s denials.  Cain’s support overall from a month again is almost cut in half.  Here is perhaps the worst news for Cain: a majority of Americans overall tend to believe the women.

Perhaps this is why the race is evolving to a Gingrich v. Romney contest:

Romney and Gingrich are the two most popular Republican candidates among the GOP rank and file, and the only two with favorable ratings above 50% among the Republicans surveyed.