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Tomorrow's Climate "Briefing", Popcorn Advised.

Okay, this one should be amusing.  Rep Ed Markey, (D-Al Gore’s Hip Pocket) has announced “Congressional Climate Briefing to Push ‘End of Climate Change Skepticism’“.

No big surprise there, and Markey is a devout warmist. But they’re making a big point of the plan to have Richard Muller from Berkeley testifying. Tatler readers may recall Muller from my “Food Fight in Climate Science” post; he leads the Berkeley Earth Project, which did the study and wrote the papers that the press and the warmist PR machine have been saying “ended the climate change debate.”

You may recall that at the time I pointed out the papers themselves didn’t support what was being reported about them; Mullers Wall Street Journal op-Ed also didn’t, although the WSJ gave it a headline that seemed to say the opposite.

So, this should be interesting. The BEST FAQ now says:

Continued global warming “skepticism” is a proper and a necessary part of the scientific process. The Wall St. Journal Op-Ed by one of us (Muller) seemed to take the opposite view with its title and subtitle: “The Case Against Global-Warming Skepticism — There were good reasons for doubt, until now.” But those words were not written by Muller. The title and the subtitle of the submitted Op-Ed were “Cooling the Warming Debate – Are you a global warming skeptic? If not, perhaps you should be. Let me explain why.” The title and subtitle were changed by the editors without consulting or seeking permission from the author. Readers are encouraged to ignore the title and read the content of the Op-Ed.

It should be very interesting to see what Muller says this time.