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NAACP Rally to Support Suspected Voter Fraud Criminals

Over at Rule of Law, I have this posting about the response of the local and Florida state NAACP to the arrest of ten people for running an absentee ballot fraud scheme.  One of the women arrested is Jada Wood Williams, the Supervisor of Elections in Madison County, Florida.  Yes, you read that correctly.  The person who is in charge of ensuring the integrity of elections was arrested for participating in an absentee ballot voter fraud scheme.  Who was she allegedly helping?  Why none other than Abra Johnson, an elected member of the Madison County School Board.  The people running elections and responsible for educating children in one Florida county stand accused of manipulating elections along with eight conspirators.

And what is the reaction of the NAACP?  As I discuss in the post (and have video), they held a rally that became a disgusting misappropriation of the hymns and messages of the civil rights movement.   And it isn’t the first time this has happened.  Similar rallies occurred in Alabama after similar voter fraud arrests (which eventually led to guilty pleas).

Voter fraud deniers have become the intellectual smokescreen to criminal wrongdoing across the country.  When you hear people like Justin Levitt or Tova Wang say “voter fraud isn’t that widespread,” what they are really saying is “ignore the voter fraud that nobody disputes exists.”