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Perry Does the Letterman Top 10 List

The Texas governor gets a Top 10 List to joke about his 53 second gaffe, which might be a reason to watch a show I haven’t watched since its host made funny-funny about statutory rape involving Sarah Palin’s underage daughter. Har har, Dave gets a ratings bump out of Perry’s brain fart. It says something about the times when the likes of Letterman, a vile overpaid hack who has been phoning it in for years, sits in any kind of judgement over anyone who has put themselves forward for elective office.

And for a little more perspective, Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd will never face a thousandth of the criticism any Republican gets for an innocent gaffe, but why should they? All they did was treat women as less than chattel as a matter of routine. Nothing Herman Cain is accused of even comes close to what we know Kennedy did, and the press helped him deflect for decades. And Dodd was in on the sweetheart mortgage deals in addition to having been half of ol’ Ted’s “waitress sandwich.”

Gov. Perry looks like he did well with the Top 10 List, and he did well with his other press hits and probably did well in his hit on Jon Stewart too. Pretty soon we should just start selecting our presidents on American Idol and get it overwith. Or maybe WWE. Have Ron Paul wrestle Michele Bachmann for the soul of the Republican Party. The candidates’ actual records don’t seem to mean very much.

When you have students at a major and prestigious university rioting to defend what looks to have been a pedophile ring run from the football team’s locker room, and you have lice-ridden fools camping out in our cities and throwing paper airplanes around and being treated with seriousness by most of the media and the Democratic establishment, it’s hard to see much point in pretending things are going well in today’s America. They’re not.

(via Hot Air)