52 Senators Fail As Lawmakers, Aid and Abet Obama Administration’s Illegal Net Neutrality Power Grab

Less Government President and StopNetRegulation.org Editor in Chief Seton Motley issued the following statement in response to today’s failed vote to undo the Barack Obama Administration’s illegal Network Neutrality Internet power grab:


“Today 52 lawmakers decided to give up on making law – and instead allow unelected, unaccountable Obama Administration bureaucrats to illegally do their jobs for them.

“These 52 Senators stood down and allowed regulators – who are only supposed to enforce law that these Senators write and pass – to illegally make up law themselves.  This isn’t how a representative Constitutional Republic does things – this is dictatorial authoritarianism.  These 52 Senators had an opportunity to stop it – and they refused to do so.

 “The Federal Communications Commission has already been once told that their unilateral Net Neutrality imposition is illegal.  For these 52 Senators, that – and the fact that they still have never voted on anything having to do with Net Neutrality – apparently wasn’t enough of a visual aide.

 “If these 52 Senators don’t want to do their jobs, why did they ask their constituents to give them the honor and opportunity?  These egregious mis-representations are easily correctable.  And We the People will begin doing so – starting next November.”


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