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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Michigan Bypasses Holder DOJ on Redistricting Plans

I have learned from the Michigan Secretary of State’s office that Michigan has joined the list of states bypassing the Eric Holder Justice Department and is filing Michigan’s redistricting plan with the United States District Court in D.C.  Smart move.  The Justice Department has exhibited profound bias in the enforcement of federal voting law – which of course I cover in detail in Injustice.  Columnists at PJ Media have been calling for states to bypass DOJ.

Arizona, Alabama, Texas, North Carolina, and Georgia have all gone to federal court instead of giving the bureaucrats inside the DOJ power to approve or reject their new redistricting plans under the Voting Rights Act.  Michigan is the first northern state to bypass DOJ.  The reason states are bypassing the Holder Justice Department is the Holders Justice Department’s reputation for Civil Rights Division overreach.  Left wing academics sought unsuccessfully to scare states off of pursuing the option of federal court, but those efforts have failed.  The Justice Department has a history of court sanctions and fines when it comes to bad behavior in redistricting.  States want neutral judges instead of partisan Voting Section bureaucrats deciding these issues.