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Florida Voter Fraud Earthquake

The Supervisor of Elections in Madison County (FL) has been arrested for voter fraud along with a sitting school board member and her husband.  Jada Woods Williams, the Madison County Supervisor of Elections was arrested for facilitating an absentee ballot scheme to help Marion County School Board member Abra “Tina” Johnson (perp photo at  Her husband Ernest Johnson was arrested for aiding the scehme. An ironic photo of Williams posing next to a poster to help felons restore their voting rights is here.  She better keep that 1-800 number handy. 

In my book Injustice, I describe similar absentee ballot schemes that have plagued the nation.  Yet the Justice Department turned a blind eye for racial reasons.  Worse, I also describe how academics like Justin Levitt and 9-11 truther Mark Crispen Miller deny that serious voter fraud exists in order to provide an intellectual smokescreen for criminal activity. 

The Miami Herald:

[Supervisor of Elections Jada Woods] Williams was accused by authorities of allowing the distribution of absentee ballots used in the alleged scheme to help elect school board member Abra “Tina” Johnson, who is facing 10 counts of election fraud and two counts of absentee ballot and voting violations.

This sounds like the behavior of Ike Brown as discussed in my book Injustice:

FDLE officials said the Johnsons asked voters to sign absentee ballot request forms, but without their knowledge the couple filled in an alternate address. The ballots were mailed to that address instead of to the voters.The Johnsons allegedly retrieved the ballots, took them to the voters, waited for them to vote and then returned the ballots to the elections office. In some cases voters were given only a ballot envelope to sign, not the actual ballot, state agents said.The couple also is accused of unlawfully obtaining ballots directly from Williams’ office with the help of the other suspects who signed and submitted forms claiming to have been authorized by voters to get their absentee ballots for them. Agents said the voters didn’t know the suspects.

Levitt and 9-11 Truther Miller are wrong.  Serious voter fraud exists in this country and it high time that academia and the civil rights industry stop providing it covering fire.