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Coulter on Cain: "To have been accused of sexual harassment in the 1990s is like having been accused ... of being a witch in Massachusetts in the 1690s"

Like many of us here at PJ Media and many Americans around the world, I’ve been mighty outraged — not surprised — merely outraged and infuriated at the lowball hardball the Democrats are stooping to play to rid President Obama of his most terrifying nightmare: Mr. Herman Cain as the Republican standard-bearer. Last night, I posted the following comments on Bryan Preston’s insightful Tatler blog on the despicable Democrat attack on Mr. Cain’s integrity:

“What a pitiful excuse for a campaign tactic. Direct from the Chicago sewer system to a website and TV screen near you. There is no legal theory of which I’m aware under which a person who has received a settlement payment pursuant to a confidentiality agreement– signed freely by that person — can be ‘released’ from his or her obligations under the agreement. Is the alleged “accuser” planning to fork over the monetary settlement she accepted? Why do I doubt it?

“And why do I think the proverbial central casting office is even now auditioning women for the role of the accuser of the great and admirable Mr. Herman Cain? Requirements: She must be telegenic, well-dressed and well-spoken. A script is probably being prepared even as I write. Better to have her read a prepared statement and then take no questions, just pose for the photographers — no pantsuits, please. We need to see the gams, her feet encased in $900, five-inch heels.

“What if the Democrats held their low-ball, scumbag press conference and nobody came? I know. In my dreams.

“And one more thing! She’s [the alleged ‘victim’ of Mr. Cain’s alleged ‘harassment’] a graduate of an ‘Ivy League’ university? You mean — wow! — the same Ivy League that brought us Michelle and Barack Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and John Kerry? That Ivy League? The one whose alumni can do no wrong? Well, then, there’s no reason to question her credibility, is there?

“Why even have her show up? Just release her diploma to the MSM and that should take care of everything. The story will just write itself.”

In one of her more brilliant columns, the take-no-prisoners (and why should she?) Ann Coulter published one of her finest today, Why Our Blacks Are Better Than Their Blacks.  Ms. Coulter is mighty irate, too. In her column, she recalls the decade dominated by the presidency of William Jefferson Clinton, the now and forever disbarred lawyer.

In the 1990s, one plaintiff won a $50 million jury verdict against Wal-Mart on the grounds that a “hostile environment” was created by her supervisor’s yelling at both male and female employees. In another case, a plaintiff won a $250,000 award for sexual harassment based on her complaint that a male colleague had reached for a pastry saying, “Nothing I like more in the morning than sticky buns,” while “wriggl(ing)” his eyebrows.

It got so crazy that a 6-year-old boy was suspended from class for a day for kissing a classmate on the cheek, and a Goya painting had to be removed from a Penn State classroom because a professor complained that it constituted sexual harassment.

With no standard other than the subjective offense taken by the accuser, absolutely anyone could be called a witch, i.e., a sexual harasser. So it’s striking that the only two conservative public figures accused of being witches both happened to be conservative blacks: Clarence Thomas and Herman Cain.

Coulter’s message is that liberals can’t bear the fact that Mr. Herman Cain is widely admired by Republicans because that intolerable fact could cause liberals — oh, the horror of rational thought! — to have to rethink their entire world view.  That view is based on the scurrilous premise that Republicans are evil because they’re not fans of The One, meaning, of course, that they’re racial bigots.  If our candidate is also black, then what happens to their intellectually and morally bankrupt house of cards? Poof!  Gone with the wind.

The existence of such conservatives as  Professor Walter E. Williams, Dr. Thomas Sowell, and Secretary Condoleeza Rice certainly doesn’t help support the liberals’ disgracefully racist caricature of the Republican Party, the conservative movement and the Tea Party.  I wonder whether President Obama is even aware that his alleged hero (I say “alleged” because I have a very different sense of who the incumbent’s actual heroes are, and they start with the horrific Bill Ayers and go from there) President Abraham Lincoln was a…Republican.

Coulter also notes, and I agree 100%:

It is beyond insane that Herman Cain would have considered running for president if he had the tiniest skeleton in his closet. To be an out-of-the-closet black Republican, you had better be a combination rocket scientist/Baptist preacher. Which, as it happens, Cain is.

Give yourself the pleasure of reading the entire Coulter piece, here.