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DOE Officials Who Approved Solyndra Loan Have Fled the Department

As congressional committees continue to shift through the mountain of paperwork over the Solyndra solar company scandal, it is becoming apparent to investigators that most of those who approved the loan have left the Obama administration.  In many instances these people will be beyond the reach of congressional investigators.

Here are those who have since left the U.S. Department of Energy but who gave their seal of approved the $535 million loan guarantee. Hat tip to Darren Samuelsohn at Politico:

– Steve Isakowitz – The department’s former CFO.  He is now VP and chief technology officer for Virgin Galactic, a commercial space flight company run by Richard Branson.  Branson was a private investor in Solyndra.

– Matt Rogers – Secretary Steven Chu’s point person on Solyndra. He has returned to the consulting giant McKinsey & Co in their San Francisco office.

– Rod O’Connor – Secretary Chu’s first Chief of Staff who reassured President Obama he should not be concerned about visiting Solyndra.  He now is the EVP to AEG Facilities in London.

– Steve Spinner – A major Obama fundraiser in 2008 who was awarded with a DOE post and repeated frustrated career DOE officials who were concerned about Solyndra. Spinner is a campaign bundler for Obama, raising $500,000 in the third quarter of 2011.

– Lawrene Oliver – Sat on the pivotal Credit Committee that approved the Solyndra loan guarantee while the assistant general counsel to DOE.  He retired in 2009.

– Ove Westerheim – He was the director of DOE’s loan program.  He is now back at  OPIC, a semi-public overseas investment commission.