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Rasmussen: Even Jon Huntsman is Within Striking Distance of Obama

Why is James Carville so worried? Well, take a look at Rasmussen’s latest numbers.

Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, who opted out of the Republican debate last week in Las Vegas in opposition to Nevada possibly moving its primary date and forcing other states to reschedule, trails President Obama by seven points in the latest hypothetical Election 2012 matchup.

Huntsman’s chief roles in the primary so far have been to roll out vague ads with a guy riding a motorcycle in the desert, tweak the candidates to his right (which is nearly all of them) and enjoy really great seats to watch others debate. He hasn’t been a factor at all. And yet, he’s within 7 points of Obama nationally.

So, second look at Jon Huntsman? Not really. The fact that a GOP candidate at 1% against his rivals is within 7 of the sitting president doesn’t say anything meaningful about Huntsman’s candidacy, but it says a whole lot about Obama’s. It says that James Carville is right to be very worried. And it blows a large hole in the “electability” argument.