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MacArthur 'Genius' in Obama's NOAA Has Even Barney Frank & Deval Patrick Mad As Hell

The New York Sun‘s luminous columnist, Ira Stoll, has written the Ur column, the perfect obituary to the Obama administration.  Scooping The New York Times, The Drudge Report and Politico, Stoll has reeled in a big, big story.

If you read this one column by Ira Stoll you’ll learn all you’ll ever need to know about the profound stupidity that suffuses this president’s worldview.  MacArthur Award trumps real life experience.  Harvard degree held far more precious than a day of work.  It almost makes you want to fabricate the Perfect Obama Administration Resumé and just wait for the White House operator to put the call through to you, offering you a corner office in the West Wing.

Say, maybe PJ Media should host a contest of Resumé Most Likely to Produce an Obama Job Offer and send the winning entry to the White House Personnel Office.

But I digress.  Mr. Stoll, over to you:

The next battle over President Obama’s job-killing regulations may take place on the Atlantic Coast, where fishermen, and the senators and congressmen who represent them, are voicing mounting frustration at the Obama administration’s “catch-share” rules for the fishing industry.

The Republican senator from Massachusetts, Scott Brown, on Saturday stood with fishermen in Gloucester and called on Mr. Obama to fire the administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Jane Lubchenco.

But the frustration at Ms. Lubchenco, who also serves as under secretary of commerce for oceans and atmosphere, extends well beyond Republican, Tea Party-backed senators or libertarians for whom the idea of a federally enforced “share” program sounds like some nightmare out of an Ayn Rand novel.

Among the Democrats who’ve let the president know how dim-witted this program is, and how many Atlantic coastal fisherman are now out of work, are Deval Patrick, Barney Frank, Charles Schumer, John Kerrey and more.  And why was Jane Lubchenco plucked from the 310 million Americans to oversee our oceans and atmosphere?  Do you have to ask?  As Stoll reveals:

Her official biography … notes that she is a recipient of 14 honorary doctoral degrees and of one of the MacArthur Foundation’s “genius” awards.

Which raises the question — if Ms. Lubchenco is such a “genius,” how has she managed to so thoroughly frustrate, irritate, and annoy so many small fishermen and the politicians who represent them?

Partly it is by displaying a kind of arrogance towards those not blessed with her genius. She reportedly minimized the job losses under catch-share by describing them as “marginal jobs where people are squeaking by.”

Start out your day with the full eye-opener by the incomparable, the one and only Ira Stoll, editor of, author of Samuel Adams: A Life, and hero of thinking people everywhere.