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Heart-Ache: Sexy Russian Spy Anna Chapman Left Out in the Cold

So sad.

Sexy former Russian spy Anna Chapman is nyet feeling the love anymore.

It’s been a little over a year since the flame-haired ex-sleeper — part of a ring of agents busted in the US and later deported — became a Kremlin heroine.

Since then, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s campaign to turn her into a role model for young Russians has failed miserably. Critics say she’s more of a laughable liability.

So very very sad. And yet her misfortune forced me to Google image search her. Which isn’t bad.

Nonetheless, some students posed for pictures with her, and she does have 40,000 followers on her social-networking site.

But plans for the TV talk-show hostess to run for parliament have been shelved, and her shameless self-promotion — including posing nearly naked for a men’s magazine — has backfired.

It didn’t help her image when the 29-year-old sashayed down a catwalk in a fashion show with a gun that she accidentally dropped.