A Few Thoughts on the Wall Street Protests

I’ve been watching the Wall Street protesters for the last few weeks with a mixture of humor and horror.

Humor because most of them don’t seem to have a clue what they’re protesting about and the contradictions in what they’re demanding. Horror because of the way the mainstream media has covered the protests and the violence which is seething just under the surface — and occasionally just over the surface — at these “protests.”


I was particularly taken by the organizer of one of the California protests a couple of weeks ago who when asked what he was protesting said “we have a message team on that and I’ll have an answer for you tomorrow.”

Seriously? You have to get a message team working on it? You’re angry and protesting but you don’t know why?

Makes you despair for your country sometimes.


When I’m not being a rich (yeah right) and famous (insert giggles here) blogger I’m the editor of a small paper in Southeast Kansas where this ran today, you can read the rest here.


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