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Houston's King Street Patriots attacked by vote fraud deniers

Tonight I will be appearing at Houston-based King Street Patriots at 7 p.m. CDT to talk about my new book Injustice.  PJM has covered the work of King Street and their True the Vote project for many months, include this Bryan Preston roundup of Andrew Breitbart’s hilarious speech to them last January. You can actually watch the regular Monday night events at King Street on a nationwide web broadcast (King Street Live) that has amazingly been attracting tens of thousands of viewing patriots across the nation every week.

In response to the good work that King Street is doing, Soros-funded vote fraud deniers like the Advancement Project (and others) have attacked the effort to clean up the nation’s voter rolls.  They attacked the voter integrity efforts of King Street Patriots in explicitly racial terms.  When Soros-funded organizations resort to playing the race card, this means King Street Patriots must be doing something right.  In the many speeches I am giving about Injustice, I am always asked what regular citizens can do to help with the election.  Volunteer with True the Vote and help stand watch in the 2012 election.