World's Most Clueless Current Prime Minister In Hard-Fought Bid For Most Clueless in All Recorded History

Claiming that Britain’s ancient system of male primogeniture — you know, letting the monarch’s younger son inherit the throne instead of his older sister — “goes against gender equality,”  UK Prime Minister David Cameron has proposed new rules for royal succession. Of all the ludicrous, farkakte reasons to upend a tradition that exists solely as a fantasy, a frothy fairytale diversion from the grim reality of life on Shakespeare’s once “scepter’d isle,” this takes the biscuit.


This move, reported in The Daily Telegraph, is like making new rules for royal succession in Disneyland.

What appears to have escaped the notice of the Tory leader and alumnus of Eton, England’s most exclusive prep school, is that the royal family exists for the sole purpose of cheering people up and distracting them from their real world worries.  It couldn’t matter less whether the monarch became king or queen because of primogeniture, any more than it matters in Disneyland whether Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse is cuter.  They’re both cute.

Cameron also wants to fine-tune and liberalize the rules governing whom the Royals may marry.

As reported in The Telegraph,

The Prime Minister is proposing limiting this requirement to the “first six in line to the throne.”

Mr Cameron will meet the Commonwealth leaders at a meeting, which will also be attended by the Queen, in Perth later this month. A discussion will be held with a plan for reform expected to be agreed.

The Royal Wedding in April has again thrust the issue of male primogeniture into the spotlight.

The rest of humanity saw a handsome-ish young prince marrying a lovely lass.  The Prime Minister saw primogeniture thrust into the spotlight?  Where was he looking?  Surely, not here:


Among the laws which would need to be amended or repealed if the rule changes were agreed, the Bill of Rights 1688, the Coronation Oath Act 1688, Act of Settlement 1701 and the Royal Marriages Act 1772.

This is what the Prime Minister is spending his time on?  His country is falling apart from the Hebrides to the white cliffs of Dover, the National Health System is in shambles, deadly looting and rioting recently filled the streets of London, and Cameron is focusing on primogeniture?

Someone is saying, “Yes, Minister” a tad too often.  Man up, David!   Close your eyes and think of England, not of primogeniture.






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