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Pelosi: Republicans "Want Women to Die on the Floor"

It’s tough to top this for insane political rhetoric, and the competition today alone has been very stiff.

Yes, Nancy, you caught us. We actually want women to die on the floor. Including all of the women we’re married to, related to, live with, friends with, work with, and worship with. All of them. Die on the floor. That’s the Republican platform: Eliminate the gender gap, one voter at a time. Wait — shouldn’t we then favor abortion especially in the urban areas that Planned Parenthood is known to target? It’s all very confusing sometimes.

Pro-life women? They clearly want other women to die on the floor too. Pelosi is just too smart for all of us. Can’t get anything past that steel trap of a mind.

What gave us all away, Nancy?

On a serious note, how is it even possible to have a rational discussion about any subject at all with such a looney-tunes? How does one go about discussing any substantive policy with someone whose mind is so far gone that she would put this statement out there and not expect to be laughed off the stage? And where is the media to challenge Pelosi on this?