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Obama on His Job Bill: 'We Can't Take 'No' For An Answer'

The following blurb led off today’s official White House email. Not a campaign email from the OfA troops, keep in mind, but the email that the White House itself sends out.

We Can’t Take “No” for An Answer

Last night, Republicans blocked the American Jobs Act. Not a single member of the Republican Party voted for the bill which independent economists estimate would put up to 1.9 million Americans back to work next year.

Here’s a screenshot of it, with the official logo and everything.

Actually, the Republicans tried to bring the bill up for a vote, and the Democrats blocked that. A vote went down last night, and there weren’t enough Democrat votes to pass it. They’re in the majority in the Senate, you see, so they had the ball. That email is what they call a lie.

I wonder, doesn’t this sort of blatant electioneering violate the campaign finance laws concerning use of official facilities?

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