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Obama To GOP Debate: I'll Pretend You're Not There


Can you imagine Bill Clinton or any other meat-eating, red-blooded American politician serving as POTUS missing the debate of the opposing party? I can’t.

But Obama is claiming that he’ll watch baseball, instead.  According to Fox News:

President Obama plans on watching the baseball playoffs Tuesday night and skipping the GOP presidential debate.

The Detroit Tigers and Texas Rangers face off in game three of the AL championship series, with the Rangers leading the series 2-0.

Also battling it out are the Republican contenders in a Bloomberg/Washington Post debate at Dartmouth college in the all-important first in the nation primary state of New Hampshire.

It’s not as if the president is coasting along to a surefire landslide.  He’s tanking.  Hello, Mr. President?  You’re not even a little, itty-bit curious about the man or woman who’ll be running against you?

Principal Deputy White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said he spoke to the president about it, and while he’s watching baseball, he’ll probably read about the debate later.

Oh, so he’ll “probably read about the debate later”? He’ll certainly pick up a lot of nuance that way.  Nothing like an executive summary to impart the cascade of micro-expressions, eye-rolls, sighs, gestures — all the body language that can only be noticed by paying close attention.

One of these debaters is going to run against him, and will debate him, and he’s going to watch a game?  This man is either lying (ya think?) or is so detached from American life and politics that one can only wonder whether he’s seriously considering not running.

His disconnection from the reality of the political life of the country is extreme.

He could watch the debate and read about the ball game “later.”




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