As Cain Rises, His Communications Team...Resigns?

The Cain mutiny occurred just prior to his public dust-up with Rick Perry over the media sensationalizing a rock in West Texas, which might explain how Cain ended up slamming Perry rather than the media, for making something out of nothing.


Ellen Carmichael, who has spent over a year working for Cain, said that her departure is a personal decision about her career.

“I think my leaving now is a reflection on my earnestness to leave rather than a reflection of the campaign,” she said.

“I’m still very fond of him,” said Carmichael, adding that there is no tension or disagreement over the departure.

“I’m honored to have worked for someone with such character and decency,” said Carmichael.

Following the news of her departure Cain’s campaign issued the following statement, “Ms. Carmichael decided to pursue other opportunities. We appreciate her service to the campaign.”

Her departure comes just as a recent Fox News poll shows Cain jumping into the top tier of GOP presidential candidates.

Carmichael’s assistant Francis Boustany is also leaving. J.D. Gordon, a senior adviser on foreign policy and security who joined the team last month, will take over as campaign spokesman.

Cain has risen to the top tier of candidates over the past week, so his comms team’s departure is more than a bit surprising.


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