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Video: Obama Says America Has 'Gone A Little Soft'

Jimmy Carter 2.0 has just delivered Malaise 2.0

In an interview with WESH-NBC in Orlando on September 29, 2011, President of the United States Barack Obama said America has gone “soft” and needed to get “back on track” over the last couple of decades.

This president has said some dumb things, but this may well be the dumbest yet. America hasn’t “gone soft,” our economy is being strangled by over-regulation resulting, at least in part, from Obama’s own agenda. The entrepreneurs and working men and women of American will be thrilled, I’m sure, to hear a man who has never really worked in a normal job tell them that they have “gone soft” while he plots new ways to keep mis-spending their hard-earned money.

Question: Are we now, according to this administration, a nation of cowards that has gone soft?

Flashback: This is the man who says America has gone soft.