Google Goes Bipartisan

Is Google becoming 50% less evil? Or just growing up?

It’s long been the left-leaning search engine that believed in supporting the Democrats and ignoring the right-wingers.

But now Google is entering a ‘bipartisan phase’ as it recruits Republican operatives and donates to GOP groups, reported the Huffington Post.

It has given money to the Republican Attorneys General Association and co-sponsored a GOP presidential debate with Fox News last week.
Google has also donated to other GOP groups such as the Republican Governors Association and the Republican State Leadership Committee.


They probably fear that anti-trust action will hurt them. Google may also have figured out that the Obama economy, while ideologically satisfying from a leftwing point of view, is hurting businesses across the board, and they less money businesses have to spend on advertising, the less money Google stands to rake in.


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