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Senate Targets NLRB's Powers

Though the Democrats control the Senate, a Republican measure to rein in the National Labor Relations Board has a decent chance of passing.

Building on last week’s House vote, Republicans are now targeting the National Labor Relations Board budget in the Senate, hoping to win over two Democrats and attach a rider barring the agency from pursuing any order threatening Boeing’s new non-union 787 production line in South Carolina.

Given the stakes and narrow 16-14 Democratic majority in the Senate Appropriations Committee, labor is clearly anxious and mounted a last push Tuesday evening to secure its support before the scheduled committee meeting Wednesday.
Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Ark.), a member of the panel, told POLITICO that he is now “leaning toward” the GOP amendment but had yet to make a firm commitment. Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.), a second member and often a swing vote for Republicans, insisted he had no firm opinion on the issue. “It is a case of new impressions,” Nelson said.

The Politico article soft-peddles what the NLRB is doing in South Carolina. This WFI video spells things out far more clearly. The NLRB’s actions against Boeing and its poster ruling threaten both employers’ and workers’ freedoms nationwide and need to be stopped.