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Mordant Parody of the Paranoid Obananoid Website

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t find anything funny about Adolf Hitler.  Never have. Not even slightly.  One exception was the great Carole Lombard, Jack Benny and Robert Stack film of 1942, To Be or Not To Be directed by Ernst Lubitsch.

One other exception just surfaced this week.  The new video shows Adolf Hitler, in full, furious Führer mode, as he discovers that his web team designed‘s site and did such a terrible job that it’s become the butt of Internet jokes, threatening Obama’s chances for reelection.

If you’ve been fortunate enough to have been spared any awareness of the original site of, these helpful words taken verbatim (almost typed “verboten”) from the real Obama 2012 (“Hope and Change Springs Eternal”) website should tell you all you want to know, and more.  This is a direct quotation from the tender sensibilities of those yearning for yet another four years of the incumbent:

We’ve launched a new campaign resource today:

If you’re worried about the increasing negativity of the attacks on President Obama and his record, now’s your chance to fight back with the facts. Visit to learn the truth about frequent smears, track new attacks as they happen, and report false allegations you’ve seen or heard.

We’ve heard it all since 2008, from lies about the Affordable Care Act to false rumors that the Obama administration hasn’t been an ally to Israel. These aren’t just unfounded allegations about the President—they’re attempts to derail the momentum of this movement and undermine everything we’ve accomplished together in the last three years.

Check out to help stop these attacks before they start.

Some cooler, older, or wiser heads — like, say, a human being who had worked on an actual pre-2008 Presidential campaign  — might have informed the great minds behind AttackWatch that what they fear so much  is — how to put it as delicately as possible? — part of the great American tradition of free speech.

Not since President Nixon’s Enemies List has a sitting President made such a public display of intolerance for Constitutionally-protected speech.

“…help stop these attacks before they start”?

Why not just set up preventive detention centers to hold anyone who’s a potential risk because — as Independents, Republicans, libertarians or, Heaven forefend, disaffected Democrats — they just might say or publish something, oh, negative about “everything we’ve accomplished together in the last three years.”

Hey, lock ’em up now, throw away the key, take away their technology and AttackWatch won’t have any attacks to watch for.

Then the re-election campaign can have a stress-free and happy 2012.

Until Election Day, of course.


h/t: Robert A. Hall