Nobel Laureate Resigns From American Physical Society Over Their Manmade Global Warming Fundamentalism

From Climate Depot:

Nobel prize winner for physics in 1973 Dr. Ivar Giaever resigned as a Fellow from the American Physical Society (APS) on September 13, 2011 in disgust over the group’s promotion of man-made global warming fears.


The APS dogma:

Emissions of greenhouse gases from human activities are changing the atmosphere in ways that affect the Earth’s climate…They are emitted from fossil fuel combustion and a range of industrial and agricultural processes.

The evidence is incontrovertible: Global warming is occurring.

If no mitigating actions are taken, significant disruptions in the Earth’s physical and ecological systems, social systems, security and human health are likely to occur. We must reduce emissions of greenhouse gases beginning now.

In his resignation email, Dr. Giaever said:

In the APS it is ok to discuss whether the mass of the proton changes over time and how a multi-universe behaves, but the evidence of global warming is incontrovertible? The claim (how can you measure the average temperature of the whole earth for a whole year?) is that the temperature has changed from ~288.0 to ~288.8 degree Kelvin in about 150 years, which (if true) means to me is that the temperature has been amazingly stable, and both human health and happiness have definitely improved in this ‘warming’ period.


According to his numbers, the earth’s temperature has risen 0.28%–about one-quarter of one percent–in 150 years. One way to over-dramatize the increase is to use the Fahrenheit scale rather than the absolute values of the Kelvin scale. That way, you could claim a 2.45% temperature increase, nearly 9 times as large as Giaever’s reference.

It’s that easy to spin global warming by manipulating the numbers.

Climate Depot has news on more prominent scientists like Hal Lewis who’ve resigned, and more news on many hundreds of scientists who won’t conform to the global warming Caliphate.


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