TinkerBell Loves President Obama.

During a campaign appearance in North Carolina today, President Obama brought his appeal for passage of the Save Obama Bill (SOB) down to the basics, shouting to the gathered multitude “if you love me you’ve got to clap your hands help me pass this bill.” How on Earth could any reasonable person resist an appeal such as this from TinkerBell President Obama, particularly when coupled with these words of inspiration:


“Yes, we can,” he said, a return to his 2008 campaign slogan that brought loud cheers from the audience. Obama added, “We can pass this thing but we need Congress to do it.”

Obama blasted Republicans in Congress, qualifying “not all Republicans; there are some who get it,” for resisting supporting the bill because they are afraid of handing a “win” to Obama.

“Give me a win? Give me a break,” Obama said.

“I get fed up with that kind of game playing and we’ve been seeing it for too long,” he said. “We’ve been grappling with a crisis for three years. Instead of getting people to rise up against bipartisanship in the spirit of working together, we’ve got people who are purposely dividing.”


On the count of three, please clap your hands.  One, Two, oh never mind.


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