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No, Tommy Christopher, We Should Not Forgive Paul Krugman, Self-Hating American

Rob Taylor, one of my favorite writers, has another of his must-read smack-downs at Red State. This time he takes to task Mediaite’s respectable, so-called liberal Tommy Christopher for his recent defense of Paul Krugman’s disgusting 9/11 blog post:


I’ve never interacted with Tommy Christopher so I don’t know if he’s a nice guy, but I dislike the pretension. Tommy Christopher is always trotted out by conservatives as the good liberal, and maybe he is. But defending Krugman is basically as good as modern liberalism gets. It’s time for Americans to understand that.

(Over the years Christopher has developed a reputation amongst the conservative blogosphere for being more even-handed in comparison to the Soros-funded smear merchants. He’ll sometimes defend conservatives or challenge leftists.)

Paul Krugman and the left in general don’t value your life, much less the lives of the dead. In pursuit of their asinine political and economic theories they will be happy to wipe out your life savings. They will rail against any act of patriotism, they will attack any display of faith and will recoil at the virtues that almost all Americans value. Honor, loyalty, faith, honesty – these are not virtues in leftist thought. In the minds of leftists these are pretensions that bitter gun clinging Bible thumpers use to attack their intellectual betters.

That’s the real reason Krugman and many other lefties have these bizarre and disgusting reactions. 9/11 is when we as a nation honor the sacrifices of the heroes who died on that day and renew our commitment to defending American values from militant Islam, nihilistic leftism and all the other forces that seek our destruction. It’s when the country comes together not as a nation of different peoples, but as one people who stand united against evil. Leftism supposes a world where the very people we honor on 9/11 -the cops, the firefighters, the stockbrokers – are evil.

Rather than pretend that Krugman was grieving, it’s time we acknowledge the true ideological divide in this county. It’s never been just about low taxes or gun control or unions; it’s about a small group of misanthropes promoting anti-Americanism caused by their own misanthropy.


RTWT, of course. And check out the great stories that Rob has written for us recently here at PJM.

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