And the Home of the Brave

Leave it to Jets fans at MetLife Stadium to give us one of the most poignant moments of the 9-11 tenth anniversary.

A group composed of New York’s Finest and Bravest and the Cowboys and Jets together held an American flag that literally covered the field from goal line to goal line. The Ryan brothers, one the head coach of the Jets, the other, the defensive coordinator for the Cowboys, held the flag from opposite sidelines. Bagpipes played a verse of “Amazing Grace.”


Then, instead of the showy solo we usually get for the National Anthem, Lady Antbellum harmonized their way through a brilliant rendition of it. And when it finished, the crowd rose up in a mighty chant: “USA! USA! USA! USA!”

Something about all of that said more to me than all of the speeches and tributes of the morning. Well done, New York.


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