Newly Released 9-11 Audio Brings the Horror to the Present

Flight Attendant Betty Ong, aboard American Flight 11, tells air traffic control that the plane’s cockpit isn’t responding. And someone has been stabbed in first class. Hijacker Mohammed Atta says “we have a few planes” and falsely reassures passengers that they will be ok.


Has it really been 10 years? It still feels like it happened yesterday, sometimes.

Audio and transcripts here:

New York Center: Everybody copy?

Herndon Center: Say that again, please

Boston Center: We, we, looks like we lost the primary target about twenty west of Kennedy, and we had a report of an ELT in the area. We’re gonna ah, guess we’ll ah, get some Coast Guard activity up there

Unknown: Well, we lost the track too

New York Center: Hey Boston, this is New York, ah what type of aircraft was the American?

Boston Center: Seven sixty seven

ACI Watch: This is the ACI watch. Say again if you lost, ah, track of the aircraft, over

Boston Center: Boston has lost track, on our frequency we had some threats that it was a hijack, (indistinct) the tapes

New York Center: New York confirms that we last track as well, and we were, ah, had report of ah ELT in the area that the track was in.

New York Center: Kennedy Tower reports, (indistinct) you serious? Kennedy Tower reports that there was a fire at the World Trade Center. And that’s, ah, that’s the area where we lost the airplane.

And now, the maniacs seem to be planning an encore.


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